Seamless Event Technology

MTG transforms the complex landscape of event technology into a single strategy. We focus on leveraging your existing tools, integrating them with new solutions, and building affordable event infrastructure to deploy memorable attendee experiences.

Event Apps

Apps for attendees and staff to both inform and entertain.

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Greet your attendees with a flexible real time check in system that collects tickets, prints custom real time badges, and helps track attendance throughout a conference.


Customers and employees need anytime, instant access to key event and meeting content... optimize and serve it up with a mobile mindset.


Engage your audience with branded content delivered by digital signage, video simulcasts, Interactive kiosks, and hotel TV networks.


Instantly unify your event management team on the collaboration platform built for conventions and productions.


Record every moment of every Breakout session with the remote solution that captures the audio and video of presenters and their presentations. Distribute videos on a searchable content delivery platform.


Administer all applications in real time from the Content Management System. By leveraging RESTful API calls, every device and service is in sync and always current.

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